Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jewelry made from Wedding Bouquet

Turning your Wedding Bouquet into wearable heirloom quality jewelry is SUCH a hot wedding trend this year. Why would you throw your bouquet away when you can turn it into a piece of Family History that you can wear and pass down through generations! +Freezeframe | bloombeads can create a unique piece of Jewelry from your flowers that you're sure to love!

Custom jewelry made from Flowers www.freezeframeit.com

Bracelet made from Wedding Flowers www.freezeframeit.com

Keepsake Jewelry made from Live flowers www.freezeframeit.com

Earrings made from a Wedding Bouquet www.freezeframeit.com

Necklace made out of Wedding Flowers www.freezeframeit.com

Give our team a call today to learn more about creating a piece of jewelry to last for generations! Don't throw your bouquet away... Have it preserved as a one of a kind piece of jewelry! 1-800-822-9273