Monday, April 29, 2013

Unique Mother's Day Gift: Jewelry Made From Flowers

+Freezeframe | bloombeads knows how hard it is to find the PERFECT Mother's Day Gift for the Special Mommas in your life. Look no further! Try sending her a gorgeous floral arrangement with a Bloombeads Gift Certificate!

Earrings Made from Flowers

Keepsake Necklace made from Flowers

Jewelry made from Flowers

Pendant made from Flowers

Bracelet made from Flowers

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flower Petal Jewelry

Here at +Freezeframe | bloombeads we hear a lot of people lament that they did not know prior to their wedding that turning flowers into jewelry was even an option! We are, however, to turn your Air Dried Flower Petals Into Jewelry after your event has passed. Since the flowers used for jewelry do not need to hold their original shape, as they do in a shadowbox or other display, we are able to turn your beloved blooms in to Flower Petal Jewelry!

Custom made Flower Petal Jewelry Charm

Bloombeads Flower Petal Jewelry Earrings

Jewelry made from Flower Petals

Jewelry made with Flower Petals

Rings made from Flower Petals

Keepsake Flower Petal Jewelry

To learn more about our Flower Petal Jewelry give our team a call today 1-800-822-9273 or visit our website

Monday, April 22, 2013

Keepsake Jewelry Made From Bouquets

+Freezeframe | bloombeads gives you many options for preserving your bouquet. You can have your flowers framed or turned in to our custom heirloom quality jewelry to be worn and passed down as a treasured keepsake. Check out some of our Keepsake Wedding Jewelry!

Heirloom Quality Jewelry made from Wedding Flowers 

Bracelet made from Wedding Bouquet

Pandora Style Charm made from Wedding Flowers 

Earrings made from Wedding Flowers

Keepsake Jewelry made from Wedding Flowers 

Bloombeads Bracelet made from Wedding Flowers