Monday, March 25, 2013

Jewelry Made from Wedding Flowers

+Freezeframe | bloombeads believes your flowers should last... like memories! Check out some of our latest pieces of Jewelry Made from Wedding flowers! 
Rosary made with wedding flowers

Bracelet made from wedding flowers

Earrings made from live wedding flowers

Necklace and Ring jewelry set made with wedding flowers

Necklace made from wedding flowers

Friday, March 22, 2013

Floral Preservation: Wedding Flowers in to Jewelry

Our +Freezeframe | bloombeads  jewelry is made from live flowers that go through the same process as flowers shown in our Freezeframe displays. When they arrive in our studio they are tagged and photographed before they go through our rehydration process. Plumping your flowers back up ensures that they are as gorgeous as they were on your wedding day before they go in to the preservation process.

The techniques we use to preserve your individual flowers are engineered to slowly dry the flowers. When flowers dry out naturally, they brown, lose shape and texture and crumble away. Through our extensive preservation processes, however, we are able to maintain the same gorgeous shape, size and color of your flowers. 

After they come out of the freeze drying process, the blooms are sent through to become a pulp-like substance, that is then passed off to our head jeweler. There, your jewelry is handmade according to your unique design and cast in sterling silver ensuring the longevity of your pieces.

 Our wide range of designs includes beads, bracelets, rosaries, cufflinks, earrings and everything in between. Whether you’re designing a ring for yourself or a necklace for your family members and bridesmaids, we have something to fit every style and budget!

Jewelry made from your wedding bouquet is a great way to hold on to the gorgeous flowers you carried down the aisle. Our staff of trained professionals is here to help you. Give us a call today 800.822.9273 and be sure to check out our galleries of finished bloombeads jewelry!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

FreezeFrame | bloombeads - Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Wedding Flowers

An excellent write up on turning your precious Wedding Flowers in to Bloombeads Jewelry!

FreezeFrame | bloombeads - Bloombeads Jewelry Made from Wedding Flowers

Bloombeads Jewelry

+Freezeframe | bloombeads turns your wedding flowers in to heirloom quality Jewelry to keep and pass down for years to come! Here are some of our latest pieces! 

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