Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jewelry Made From Real Flowers

When people see our line of Bloombeads jewelry for the first time, the question we hear over and over again is always the same… “So, wait.. THAT is made from the actual flowers?!? The flowers are inside the jewelry?!?” And every time, we enjoy telling them “YES!” and explaining our process to them.

25. bloombeads pandora style beads made with wedding flowers
Custom Heirloom quality Bloombeads made from Flowers

Your flowers go through a highly sophisticated freezedrying method that allows the blooms to maintain their original color and vibrancy. After the long process of slowly drying the flowers in our specialized machinery, your flowers go to our master jeweler who grinds the flowers down to a malleable pulp before hand casting each piece in heirloom quality sterling silver.

set 1.25
Heirloom Quality Jewelry made from Preserved Flowers

We absolutely love creating these custom heirloom keepsakes for our clients and their families. Whether the flowers are from a wedding, a memorial service or a graduation, we know the sentimental value behind the flowers and believe that every flower tells a story. Let us help you preserve those flowers and memories by creating a custom piece of Bloombeads Jewelry! Call our studio or visit our website to learn more! 1-800-822-9273